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Parascope GigE




Expertly Designed for Metro and Backhauled Networks
Bit Error Rate Testing (BERT)
Verify the integrity of the network from end-to-end with a bit error rate test. Leave with a concise report. You don’t need any surprises tomorrow.
RFC 2544 Testing
Quickly and easily validate circuits and service level agreements with these industry-standard performance tests including Throughput, Latency, Packet Loss and Back to Back Buffer Frames. Unique Dual port design allows tests to be run with one unit or run remotely with remote unit
set to automatic mode.
Ping, Trace Route and other Diagnostic Tools
Use the Ping test to determine if a particular host is reachable across an IP network. If the host is not found then the Trace Route utility can guide the user to diagnose at what point the end-to-end connection is being disrupted. Measure cable length and use the Wire Map tool to detect shorts, opens and polarity reversals.
Multi-Stream Traffic Generation
Generate constant, burst or ramped traffic for up to 500 stations in order to preload the network, detect problems and preempt a disaster at turn up.
QoS Testing
The ParaScope GigE is the ideal for performing QoS verification of metro Ethernet networks. It offers VLAN priorities and specific settings (TOS etc.) helping service providers ensure QoS expectations are met.
Comprehensive Statistics/Filtering
Let the ParaScope GigE provide you with all the traffic statistics so that you know what is really running over that network. You will know the bandwidth utilization, frame sizes, protocols, number of CRC errors, and much more. And, best of all you can easily filter out layer 2/3 traffic based on MAC/IP to quickly focus in on the root cause of a problem. Wow! A network analyzer in your hand.
Performance Assessment of Carrier Ethernet Installation, Activation and Maintenance of Metro
Ethernet, Campus Ethernet backbone, of Company Ethernet, residential broadband network, telecom/
ISP network, cellular backhaul and more.
Performance and compatibility testing in R&D organizations.
Ethernet Interfaces - Two 10/100/1000Base-T electrical ports and two 100/1000 Base-X optical ports.
External Interfaces - Two USB 1.1 ports, one RS232 port and one 10Base-T Management port.
Memory - 64MB RAM and 512MB compact flash card.
LED's - indicate Power, Charging, selected EthernetPort, Main or Aux and RX/TX activity.
Rechargeable Battery Pack - Li Ion battery back with 5000 mAHrs, field replaceable.
External Power - AC/DC power converter outputs 15VDC at 3A, 110-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz.
Enclosure - Ruggedized with rubber shell.
Display– TFT LCD with 320 x 240 resolution with 16 bit text and graphics.
Bit Error Rate Testing
Modes - Main PortTx is used to send the random code from the Main port. Main Port Detect mode allows the Main port to receive the random code and perform bit error detection and synchronization. LocalAuxPort allows the Main port to send the random code and the Aux port perform bit error detection and synchronization.
Test Layer - IP, MAC and PHY
Pattern - Test patterns for MAC and IP layers include 215- 1, 215- 1 Inv, 220- 1, 220- 1 Inv, 223- 1,
223- 1 Inv, All “1s”, All “0” and User-defined (4-byte hex). Test patterns for PHY include Compliant Random Data [PCRPAT] and Compliant Jitter Tolerance [CJPAT].
Error Insertion - Insert errors into random code at rates of 10-3 , 10-4 , 10-5, 10-6 and 10-7.
Traffic - Determines the user-defined linear speed for the random code. Ranges .001% to 100%
Results - Sync status, test duration, Tx Bits, Rx Bits, Bit Errors, Avg. BER, BER/sec, BES.
RFC2544 Performance
4 Tests - Throughput Test, Time Delay Test, Packet Loss Rate Test and Back to Back Buffer Frames Test.
Connections - Local operation using Main and Aux port or Remote operation using Main Aux port and a remote ParaScope GigE.
Progress - Test duration, remaining time and current test running.
Results - Include test direction, Frame length, Tx traffic, Tx frames, Rx frames, Err Frames, Actual Rx (fps), Theoretical fps, Avg (delay time) and Max (delay time) and Load (%BW).
Performance Tests
Loop-back Time Delay - layer 1/2/3.
Service Disruption - Measure the service disruption time when the service is switched from main PHY link to the reserved link.
Traffic Generation
Addresses - Source and Target includes support for MAC or IP layer.
Multi-Stream - When Source MAC is selected, the traffic source options include ParaScope GigE port address and 10-500 stations.
Traffic Type - Constant with user-define % utilization, Burst with user-define burst duration and burst gap and Ramp with user-defined time step and load step (%BW).
Frame Type - Options include DIX and IEEE 802.3
Protocols - Options include IP, IPX, ARP, RARP, Banyan, DECnet, AppleTalk and user specified (MAC traffic only)
VLAN - Options include VLAN ID and VLAN Priority.
IP Layer Parameters - Options include TTL, Upper layer protocol, and TOS/DSCP.
Frame Length - Options include Runt, Jumbo, Random and Specify. Supports sizes from 40 to 10,000 bytes.
Results - Include Tx traffic (Mbps), Rx traffic (Mbps), Avg. Rx(Mbps), Tx fps, Rx fps, Tx frames, Number of Rx frames, Rx Err Frames, Rx Collision frames and test duration.
Diagnostic Tools
Cable Length - Measure the physical length of an open end cable. User can input calibration parameter.
Optical Power Meter - Measure the optical power (dBm) of the TX and RX of the Main and AuxPorts.
Wire Map Test - Check the wire map for short circuit, open circuit or polarity reversal.
Ping - Check the connectivity of the network.
TraceRoute - trace the IP addresses of all the gateways or routers from the ParaScope GigE to the specified host.
Comprehensive Traffic Statistics
Bandwidth Utilization - Includes Max, Min, Average, and Current values. Display Top 10 based on MAC/IP address.
Frame Lengths - Includes the number of frames of different lengths (bytes) including <64,64, 65-127,
128-255, 256-511, 512-1023 and 1024-1518 and >1518. Display Top 10 based on MAC/IP address. Supports run-time filtering on layer 2/3.
VLAN - Includes the number VLAN frames. Supports run time filtering on layer 2/3.
Layer 2 - Includes Top statistics of unicast, multicast, broadcast, CRC error, runt frame, jumbo frame, control frame, pause frame, MAC address. Supports run time filtering on layer 2.
Layer 3 - Includes Top statistics of IP, IPX, ARP, RARP, Banyan, DECnet, AppleTalk, and frame of other protocols. Supports run time filtering on layer 3.
MAC - Options include unicast, multicast, broadcast, source MAC address, destination MAC address, frame type (DIX/802.3 SNAP) and VLAN tag etc.
IP - Options include source IP address, destination IP address, bidirectional filter and TOS/DSCP filter.
Performance Tests
Loop-back Time Delay - layer 1/2/3.
Service Disruption - Measure the service disruption time when the service is switched from main PHY link to the reserved link.
File Handling - Save, export, view and delete test data in ParaScope GigE.
Exporting - Test data can be exported with the USB disk.
Online Help - Provides operational prompting and instructions.
Operational Modes
Network Monitoring - Supports HUB mode, optical splitter and dual-port through mode for two-way traffic monitoring.
Auto Cooperation & Data Loopback - When executing a test requiring data loop-back functions, the
distant ParaScope GigE can be configured to automatically loop back the data without manual intervention.




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