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The Modular Production System stations allow varying simulation of real production processes that exist in industry field.


Input-simulation switches function as level and pulse Input for different input signal.

Easy-to-use windows-based development software

With various peripheral devices and devices that support external extensions particularly suits laboratory experiment and project implementation.

With various simulations I/O devices for studying and observing the results

Use 4mm safety sockets Input / Output terminals to ensure the physical safety of users. The stations are universal, industry-based.


  • Sensors
  • Mechanic automation
  • PLC program development
  • Sequential control
  • Installation diagnostic
  • Pneumatic
  • Drives
  • Electronic
  • Industrial safety
Distributing Station (MS-6011):

A double-acting air cylinder pushes workpieces out individually. The cylinder is integrated into a workpiece feeding module, which consists of cylinder and gravity feed magazine. This feeder can carry up to six cylindrical workpieces. A through-beam fibre optic sensor monitors whether the workpiece is placed in the proper position. The handling arm module consists of a rotary air cylinder and a mechanism. It moves the workpieces to the next station. Two proximity switches detect the position of the rotary cylinder.
actuators used in this station are industrial components.

The following modules and components are included.

(1) Workpiece feeding module

     a. Cylindrical feeder

     b. Fibre optic sensor

     c. Infeed cylinder

     d. Workpiece fixture

(2) Handing arm module

     a. Swivel arm

     b. Rotary cylinder

     c. Suction cup 

Testing Station (MS-6012):

The Testing Station detects the material, colour, airtight and height of workpieces. All basic types of industrial sensors like optical, inductive and capacitive sensors are included in this station. A slide double-acting air cylinder raises the workpiece to the pre-set position, and then a parallel-rod double-acting air cylinder moves the analogue measuring module to measure its height. After being measured, the incorrect workpieces are rejected and sent to the discard chute by a double-acting air cylinder. On the contrary, the correct workpieces are transferred to the next station by the vacuum suction cup. By this way, users can sort workpieces according to the different material, colour, airtight and height.

The following modules and components are included.


(1) Material sorting module

      a. Colour identification

      b. Object presence sensing

      c. Metallic/plastic identification

(2) Lifter module

      a. Lift cylinder

      b. Push cylinder

(3) Height testing module

      a. Linear potentiometer

      b. Potentiometer drive cylinder

(4) Airtight testing module

      a. Z-Axis cylinder

      b. R-Axis cylinder

      c. Airtight testing cup

Processing Station (MS-6013):
A rotary index table, driven by an electric gear motor, tests the workpieces and feeds two different processing modules with the workpieces. One processing module is drilling. For safety reasons, the drilling process is operated in a simulated way after an inductive proximity switch detects the workpiece is put correctly on the rotary index table. The other processing is "drill-hole - checking" which adopts a double-acting air cylinder. At this station, according to the pre-set cycle time, the programming of two processes is executed simultaneously.

following modules and components are included.

(1) Index table module

     a. Rotary index table

     b. Drive actuator

     c. Clamp cylinder

(2) Drill and clamp module

     a. Drill spindle drive

     b. Drill feed cylinder

     c. Drill chuck

(3) Inspection module

     a. Drill hole checker

     b. Checker drive cylinder

Handling Station (MS-6014):

The Handling Station adopts industrial handling module. The workpieces are positioned fast by a flexible 3-axis handling robot.
3-axis robot consists of one hollow-rod double-acting air cylinder, one parallel-rod double-acting air cylinder, one rotary air cylinder and vacuum suction cup. It transfers the workpieces to the next station.

The following modules and components are included.

3-Axis robot module

    a. Z-Axis cylinder

    b. Vacuum generator

    c. Y-Axis cylinder


    d. R-Axis cylinder

Assembly Station (MS-6015):

The Assembly Station works together with the Handling station for the assembly process: The correct workpiece transferred from handling station is pushed by the first double-acting air cylinder to the right position. The second double-acting air cylinder brings the matching parts to the correct position for pressing and then the third double-acting air cylinder presses the matching parts into workpieces. It is an essential and import part of drive and control technology for mechatronics training

following modules and components are included.

(1) Transfer module

     a. Transfer slide track

     b. Reflective fibre optic sensor

     c. Push cylinder

(2) Matching parts feeding module

     a. Matching parts feeder

     b. Feed cylinder

(3) Press module

     a. Press bed

     b. Press drive cylinder

Storing Station (MS-6016):
This station controls the storage of the finished products at the assembly station by a 4-axis robot with parallel gripper. The 4- axis robot controls the movement of the positions of axis according to the different output. And then the robot stores the finished products based on users' setting for the warehouse.

following modules and components are included.

(1) 4-Axis robot module

     a. Parallel gripper

     b. Y-Axis cylinder

     c. Z-Axis cylinder

     d. R-Axis cylinder

     e. X-Axis step motor drive

(2) Storage module

     Storage locations: 6 locations (3 col x 2 row)

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